Construction Project Virtual Tours and 3D Documentation
The value of 3D Virtual Tours in construction is in the ability to save the architect, engineer, contractor, subcontractors, inspector, bidder, banker, owner & stakeholders and public safety official time and money by not having to go to the location
Being able to see it virtually with a fairly high degree of accuracy, they would be able to:
  • Progress updates for the owner & stakeholders
  • Sign off on permits/inspections
  • Have As-built plans when completed
  • Release funds for the next phase of constructions
  • Clear understanding of the floor plan before you enter the building
  • Expedites services through collaboration and email links
  • Know what's inside those walls when it's done

Construction Documentation
Fast, Effective & 3D
  • Replace thousands of photos with a simple, realistic 3D building model
  • Communicate current conditions, expedite decision making, 
    and use for complete construction documentation
  • Document before, during and after - know what's inside those walls
  • Video, drone and time lapse also available

3D CAD Drawings of Yachts

A yacht comes in for service and repair - no blueprints. Spend days measuring and entering into CAD? Or collect the 3D data using InfraRed sensors at the same as time taking pictures for the virtual tour. Data can be exported in and .obj file into sketchup or in a point cloud data file for Revit.

Video, Drone & Time Lapse Available too...
document your major projects for your client & your portfolio

Document Major Projects

Time Lapse of House Move