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IHT House Move

Island Housing Trust had a house donated to them for affordable work housing - but it had to go to another lot. They asked us to document the big move, and get some footage for the media
  • we mounted a GoPro on the house facing down the road for a time lapse
  • had 2 photographers taking pics & video clips
  • used a 360 degree camera to capture a few photo spheres so folks could look around
  • had a drone flying overhead (flown by an FAA Certified Drone Pilot from AcadiaUAV) 
  • mount camera on tripod to capture time lapse of the house moving onto the foundation
The finished products:
  • video clips for the local TV stations
  • still pics for the newspapers (and video clips for their Facebook page)
  • still pics and videos for the clients website, social media, newsletters...
  • the main deliverable - an edited video of all the media combined to tell the story of the move

Final Video

Clips for the News Media